Moka Express: The Original Italian coffeemaker.

Moka Express: The Original Italian coffeemaker.

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This is the real Italian coffee experience. The iconic Moka Express represents Italy's joy, audacity, creativity, and, of course, its convivial way of living. 

Alfonso Bialetti invented this classic coffeemaker in 1933. With his background in smelting and proficiency with casting aluminium shells he was able to create the first Moka pot. His invention was inspired by old laundry machines that use a similar method for boiling water passing up through a "chimney".

The original style of Moka Express pot.  

Bialetti has been bringing beautifully brewed coffee to the table since 1933 but do you know how to use it?

Unscrewing a Moka Express pot.

1] Start by pouring room-temperature water into the Moka boiler until it reaches the safety valve.

2] Do not exceed this level or your coffee will become too watery. You don't want to lose the kick!

3] Fill the Moka funnel generously with your preferred ground coffee without pressing down on the coffee. 

4] Put the Moka on the stove...we suggest setting the flame [your Moka Express will work on all stoves except induction...there is an adapter to help with that!] to low and taking your time...great coffee is always worth the wait. 

Moka Express on a gas stove.

5] Gurgle...gurgle...gurgle once you hear that it means your coffee is ready to pour and be enjoyed. 

Coffee boiling over in a Moka Express.

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