Big Beetle Wall Decorations

Big Beetle Wall Decorations


Create your own little critter display with these beetle wall decorations. Give them a place among your artistic treasures, hang them on the wall, let them crawl around on your table and create your own insect story. Easy to assemble, easier to enjoy!

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Beetle Size assembled
Rhinoceros Beetle

13 x 9 x 33 cm

Tiger Beetle

11 x 7 x 27 cm

Japanese Beetle  12 x 7 x 31 cm
Giant Stag 14 x 8 37 cm
Giant Scarab 12 x 9 x 29 cm
Grasshopper 14 x 7 x 29 cm


Product info:

  • Made of recycled cardboard
  • Printed with vegetable based inks.
  • Assembly instructions can be found on the inside of the packaging.