Change Journal

Change Journal


The Change Journal comprises 24 simple yet effective ways to increase your productivity and improve the way you organise yourself. Best practice from various sources, put together by author Tim Jaudszims and condensed to the essentials, in order to understand, try out and document – it will only take a few minutes each day.

Methods that help you to understand yourself better and to organise yourself in an uncomplicated way. From digital detox to habits such as saving or saying no, there are lots of exciting ways to discover and strengthen one’s own potential.


  • A5 14.5cm x 21cm.
  • 100 g/sqm paper.
  • 294 pages.
  • 15 dotted pages for notes.
  • Gusseted pocket for small notes.
  • Index, Future Log and 206 numbered pages.
  • Elastic enclosure band. 
  • Stickers for labelling and archiving.