DIY Beasties

DIY Beasties


Let your inner Picasso shine through. Assemble these little fellows and then let your imagination create colours never to be seen in the natural world. Maybe your a zoologist and a stickler for accuracy...that's ok too. So grab your pencils, pens and paints and do what feels good!

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Beastie  Size assembled
Honey Bee
19 x 6 x 12 cm
15 x 6 x 14 cm
Lady Beetle
8 x 6 x 16 cm
Stag Beetle
9 x 5 x 15 cm
22 x 7 x 13 cm
20 x 7 x 9 cm


Product info:

  • Made of recycled cardboard
  • Printed with vegetable based inks.
  • Assembly instructions can be found on the inside of the packaging.