Field Notes 5E Gaming Journals

Field Notes 5E Gaming Journals


It’s hard to see those little squares without wanting to map out a route through a subterranean dungeon or an abandoned castle...well now there are journals specifically created fro your table top adventures.

The Game Master Journal is the perfect companion for the big-picture world-building that so many GMs strive for. Whether using official sourcebooks or homebrewing your own lands for your party to explore, the Game Master Journal is a book no GM should be without.

Inside each Game Master Journal you’ll find empty charts, tables, hex grids, and spaces for logging the following campaign information:

  • Campaign Name / Players.
  • Inspirations.
  • House Rules.
  • World Overview / Principles.
  • Core Assumptions / Genres.
  • Multiverse.
  • Major Pantheon / Minor Pantheon.
  • Calendar.
  • Maps / Kingdoms / Settlements / Locations.
  • Key NPCs / Secondary NPCs.
  • Player Characters.
  • Major Factions / Minor Factions.
  • Key Monsters.
  • Key Magic Items.
  • Artefacts.
  • Downtime Activities Underway.
  • Milestone / XP Awards.
  • Adventures.
  • Random Tables.

The Field Notes Character Journals are specifically designed to help you track your Dungeons & Dragons character’s statistics, spells, weapons, treasure, history, and more. The 64 pages have room for all of the data normally found on a character sheet, and more, including plenty of space to document your adventure level by level.


  • 12.1cm x 19.1cm.
  • 64 pages.
  • Each journal is sold in packs of 2.