Marseille Block Soap

Marseille Block Soap


Since 1900 Marius Fabre has been producing olive oil soaps that are cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap making methods. Made from vegetable oils and 100% natural these blocks are particularly gentle on the skin as well as the environment. 

Extra pure soap that is free of impurities it is gentle on all skins types even on sensitive babies or those with allergies. Marseille soap helps your skin keep a more natural moisture balance. 

6cm x 6.5cm
400g 7.3cm x 7.3cm


*Colour may vary from green to beige depending on the batch. 


  • For washing hands, face and body.
  • No colouring, no added fragrances, no preservatives, no chemical additives, no palm oil.
  • Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil,  Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide.