Rowan Beg | Diffusers

Rowan Beg | Diffusers


Rowan Beg Design Studios infuse unique scent combinations in their range of diffusers. They use sustainably sourced and high quality fragrance oils to create each scent in Renvyle, Co. Galway.

Cedarwood & Pinecones this scent encapsulates the essence of winter. It is warm, spicy, sweet, enveloping. In a word it is divine.

Honey & Bergamot has soothing well rounded honey and citrusy bergamot. The perfect calming combination. Sweet, Syrupy, Warm, Citrusy, Light, Fresh and Delightful.

Lemongrass & Coconut contains a delicious combination of creamy coconut and tangy lemongrass. This scent is Fresh, Lively, Citrusy, Bright, Light and Sun kissed. Yum.

Patchouli & Clove has a rich blend of sweet patchouli and spicy clove. This scent is Earthy, Dark, Spicy, Warm and Intriguing.

Tobacco & Black Pepper has base notes of pipe tobacco and spicy black pepper, this candle is a modern take on an old classic. It is spicy and sweet, musky, warm, smooth and velvety. This is pure indulgence.


  • 60ml.
  • 20% fragrance.
  • Last up to 3 months.