Rowan Beg | Urban Candles

Rowan Beg | Urban Candles


The Urban Candle range from Rowan Beg Design Studios combines an all natural soy wax candle with the a tough long lasting cement container. Loaded with natural scents the collection includes the following:

Cedarwood & Pinecones: Warm, spicy, sweet, enveloping, divine.

Honey & Bergamot: Sweet, syrupy, warm, citrusy, light, fresh, delightful.

Lemongrass & Coconut: Fresh, Lively, Citrusy, Bright, Light and Sun kissed.

Patchouli & Clove: Earthy, dark, spicy, warm, intriguing.

Tobacco & Black Pepper: Spicy, sweet, musky, warm, smooth, velvety, pure indulgence.


  • 90g.
  • 25 hour burn time.
  • 8% Fragrance load.